The Sydney Showground Speedway, The Royale.
Late 40s pic of Johnny Peers in the twin # 2 with Harold Barnes in the S/C Jeep # 5 outside and a wheel from the Jack Brabham car # 28 at the rear.
Ray Revell in the # 1 Offenhauser forms up on the outside of American visitor Dick 'Jet' Brown in the # 5 Offenhauser on Pit turn.
Bryan Cunneen in the yellow Max Linklater # 55 Holden takes a tumble at the Bull Pens turn, turn 1 at the Royale.
German driver, Werner Greve in the # 13 Holden leads Peter Cunneen in the # 4 Murray V Twin through Pit turn.
Lew Marshall in the Herb Elliott Holden # 77, "Dopey", leads Johnny Peers in the # 2 BERCO Repco Holden through Pit turn.
A major tangle on Pit turn with Nick Collier on his side.
Jeff Freeman in 75 after a roll.
Westmead Speedway , NSW.
A young Jeff Freeman acts the clown in the # 14 V Twin, one of his first drives. Vic Mansfield stands beside the
# 14 car.
Peter Cunneen in the Murray # 4 M & D Motors Holden.
Peter Cunneen, Johnny Stewart, Don Hunt and Sid Middlemass.
Lew Marshall in a # 76 Mackay Offy.
Lew Marshall in the Wells # 54 Holden has an 'off'.
Ray Oram leads the pack at Westmead on a Sunday afternoon.
Al Staples goes up and over .
Westmead action.
The famous big BERCO leads the pack.
Lew Marshall in 54 leads Jeff Freeman in 75.
Stafford Steer leads Johnny Stewart and Bryan Cunneen.
Kilburn S.A.
Clem Scott in #4 and Col James running at what looks like Henson Park Oval in Sydney.
Ray Noble in 61 leads Kevin Park.