The first American Midget driver to come over and race was Paul Swedberg, who raced at  the Sydney Sports Ground in 1938, he also drove his Offenhauser midget on the famous Mount Panorama road circuit in Bathurst NSW.  Beale Simmons was next to follow and as well as driving at the Sports Ground he drove at Penrith Speedway in 1939.  Up until 1970, 20 more American midget drivers were to follow.

The first American midget driver to race here in 1938, Paul Swedberg and his Offenhauser # 18
Beale Simmons with car # 27 at Penrith Speedway in NSW, 1939
Perry Grimm toured in 1947, he is seen here in his V860 USA # 1.
Cal Niday toured in 1948 in this beautiful little yellow Offenhauser midget USA # 3.
Although a New Zealander, Frank "Satan" Brewer always raced as an American. Frank arrived in 1949.
Frank "Satan" Brewer in action at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway in the 1949 - 50 season. He is driving one of the Ford V860s he imported from the US. This was  # 99 ( previously # 10) and is the car that ended up as the BIG BERCO # 2
Dick "Jet" Brown came out in 1957 with this Offy.
Bob "Two Gun " Tattersall came out in 1959. He is seen here with one of the early Offy's he brought to Australia. 
Leroy Warriner came out for the 1960/61 season with this Offy. Car 76 ended up in the Mackay stable. Leroy passed away at the age of 83 in the U.S.on 2.3.03.
Jim Davies, seen here on the inside in car #1 came out in 1962. He is ready to be pushed a way next to Tattersall in # 3.
Sherman Cleveland , left, came out in 1966. He is seen here with Tattersall in the # 35 ex Jack Stroud "Big Honker" Offy. 35 has been restored and runs with the VSA of NSW in vintage demonstrations.
Bob Tattersall # 12, Don Meacham # 3 and Bill Mehner # 63 came out in 1968.
This was probably the closest and most exciting match race ever to be run at the Royale in Sydney. Brian Cunneen in the Linklater # 55 Holden outside Sherman Cleveland of the USA in an Offy.      Cunneen won, sideways over the line..... 1966.
Merle Bettenhausen came out in 1969.
..........and might have enjoyed his stay ?
Bob Tattersall in the Conklin Offy # 1.(now restored )
Hank Butcher came out in 1969.
Tattersall in the ex Myron Caves/ Don Meacham, Mackay Offy # 76
and in the Cascio Offy # 5, now restored.
Bob in the Conklin Offy # 1 at the Royale
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A Geoff Davis Photo.
This great action pic courtesy of Geoff Davis.
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