Alan Batkin, a Speedway enthusiast for many years, the former owner of the second Ern Meagher Holden # 73 midgets has shared his midget collection with us on Just Midgets...Thank you Alan.
Alan Batkin and his restored Ern Meagher Holden # 73. The car now resides in South Australia.
Andy McGavin
Len Brock
Barry Butterworth
Jim Davies (U.S.A.)
Johnny Stewart
Lew Marshall
Andy McGavin in the BERCO Holden
Frank 'Satan' Brewer in # 99 at the SSG.
A dramatic Len Brock smash.
Jim Davies USA # 1 Offy.
Len Brock in the # 99 REPCO Holden.
Kevin Park in the Shalimar Spares # 66 Holden.
Peter Cunneen in the twin # 4.
The famous Peter Cunneen pit turn crash in # 4.
Two famous Larry Taylor pit turn crashes - Sydney Showground Speedway.
Thank you Alan for this collection ...
Ray Oram