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Hideyuki ' Happy ' Hirano of Japan in the Ron Madden Holden # 12
Kevin Upston
Jeff Freeman in an early drive in a Vee Twin.
Laurie Matthews of W.A.
Jeff Freeman in the Max Linklater Holden # 55
Jim Davies of the USA in his lightweight Offenhauser..
Neil Hair and crew. Neil lost his life at Cumberland Oval - Parramatta
on 4.1.1953
John Harvey in the Don Mackay Holden # 13
Owen Williams.
Johnny Peers in the Tempe Auto Sales Ford V860 # 12,
the ex Reece Discombe NZ35 car.
Rob Greentree
Lew Marshall in the Walther & Stevenson Holden # 30
Kevin Park in the # 25 Holden.
Nev Doherty in the # 25 Holden.
Right:  Nick Collier in the Mackay Offy
# 5, the ex Saylor's car. Nick lost his life in this car after a race finish at The Royale on  27.2.1965.
Left: Paul Moffitt in his A Model Ford # 7.
Paul was a very consistent driver in # 7 and was a hard man to catch in Stock Cars when they were introduced in Sydney in November 1954.
Right: Peter Bowland in the Don Murray # 4 M&D Motors Holden.
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