One of the hardest chargers in Australian Speedway midget racing over many years,  Len Brock was the ultimate entertainer.
Len Brock in the white air cooled twin Windsor 1 and Peter Cunneen in # 41, another twin, run though the Bull Pens turn at the Royale.
Dallas James in #21 leads Brock in the twin, outside rear, and what looks like Johnny Peers at the Royale.
Nick Collier in the Holden #10 leads Brock, inside, and Peter Johnson in #3 through Pit turn at the Royale, 1957.
Bryan Cunneen leads Brock through a shower of dirt at the Royale.
Len in the little twin the Ted Dark Special # 55.
Len wins another one ! Reg Mulligan Snr. and Jnr. on left and Ron Johnston on right with flag.
Len runs with car SA10.
Len in another twin, # 4.
Len in the Don Mackay Holden # 65 does a Victory lap with his trophy.
Len and Don Mackay with the Mackay team and # 65.
Len in the Repco # 99 runs with another Repco.
Len came unstuck in the Repco # 99.
Brock is helped by the Ambulance crew. Looks like Lennie is "away with the fairies"
Len in the famous BERCO Repco Holden # 2. This car is now restored and runs with the VSA in vintage demonstration runs.
Len sits in the BERCO # 2 on the infield outside the Pits at the Royale. The Coronation Stand on the back straight is outlined with lights.
A beautiful study of Len in the McGee Tornado Falcon. The only other Falcon to run in serious competiton apart from my Q5.
Len drove the fabulous Tornado # 13 with the Falcon engine for Hedley McGee.
Len gives a wave, the familiar cigarette in his right hand.
What a great shot !  Brockie and Barry Butterworth hard at it at through Pit turn at the Royale.
McGee later replaced the Falcon power plant with an Offy. in # 13. 
The 99 Repco had a Roadster type body fitted to it.
Len in the Repco Roadster with a different paint job.
Len in the Joe Hills Climax # 98.
Bryan Cunneen in # 55 asks, "are you OK down there, Lennie?"  after Len's big one at the Bull Pens on turn one at the Royale.
Just a small sample of Brockies' hi-jinx over the years.
I hope you have enjoyed the photographic tribute to Len Brock , one of Speedway's real Gladiators.