I rate the photos shown on this page as some of the most stirring classic midget photos I have seen.
Sydney 1947.

Ace American midget driver Perry Grimm is seen here with Frank Arthur.
Frank was not only one of Speedway's great pioneer solo riders but the co Promoter of Empire Speedways Ltd for many years. This was Perry's own car and he never drove it in the U.S only here in Australia. In the US Perry drove for Vic Edelbrock and the famous Roger Ward drove # 65 for Perry.
Famous Victorian midget driver Stud Beasley tinkers with the magnificent  Ford V860 midget # V56. The Beasley family would have been the most famous Speedway family in Australian Speedway in the 1930s through to the 1960s.
If this doesn't stir the methanol in your veins, you're not a classic midget fan. It's the fabulous and very successful Lea Francis powered midget of Alf Beasley's. What a classic shot !
On track rivals, off track best of mates, Alf Baker in the # V24 V860 on the left shakes hands with Alf Beasley in the Lea Francis on the right. Tracey's Speedway, Melbourne.  circa early 1950s.
Photo - The Baker Collection.
Photo - The Beasley Collection.
Photo - The Beasley Collection.
Photo - Baker Collection.
What a gem !

Ray Revell seated in the ex Balch, ex Grimm Offy. English midget ace Bill Reynolds 1st on left, "Big" Jack O'Dea in the middle and South Australian ace Harry Neale.

A moment in time !

Photo: The Baker Collection.

You can't race midgets any closer than this !

Aub Cherry on the inside makes a last minute dash for the line      ( 50 yards away) on "Big" Jack O'Dea in the # 65 Studebaker during the running of the 1954 Speedcar Derby at Tracey's Speedway, Melbourne. 

Cherry pipped O'Dea on the line.

Photo: Baker Collection.
Jack Brabham ( now Sir Jack ) in the air cooled twin J.A.P. 880 powered midget   # 28... Brisbane.1949.  It reads NSW Champion 1948 - 1949 on the scuttle.
Photo: The Baker Collection.
A fabulous photo of Cal Niday in Offy # 38. 
Photo - Mel Anthony Collection...U.S.A.
The Offy Niday brought to Australia, it looks like the # 38 U.S car.
Photo -The Baker Collection.
A top photo of Frank "Satan " Brewer at Culver City, U.S.A. leading the pack in the   V860 # 99.  This is the # 48 car he brought to Australia in 1949 and was eventually raced by, Bill Reynolds as #48, Andy McGavin as # 48, Werner Greve as # 13, Ray Revell as # 66 & # 1 Johnny Harvey as # 13, Allan Hunt as #67, and Peter Cunneen as #17 & # 1.
Photo courtesy of Roy.C.Morris...U.S.A.)
The Jack Brabham  J.A.P.880 twin when it was brand new. It looks like it's maiden run, not even a number on it.  It's the Sydney Showground infield, Johnny Schonberg in the car.

The Baker Collection.
The "Satan" , Frank Brewer hard at it in the Eddie Meyer Ford V860, about 1949.  Look at the style and he is wearing the same leather jacket he started racing with in the U.S. His girls still have it !

The Baker Collection.
Two of the "big boys" from the States, Perry Grimm on the left and Cal Niday on the right at the Sydney Showground Speedway 1947 - 48.

The Baker Collection.
The most successful and probably the most popular American ever to drive midgets in Australia, Bob Tattersall from Illinois.   Bob is seated in the Tony Saylor Offy # 55.   Driven here after Tattersall's tour by Jack O'Dea, Len Brock, Werner Greve, Nick collier and others, this car is now  restored.

The Baker Collection.
A 16 car Feature field at Tracey's Speedway, Maribynong, Victoria in 1958. What a great site !

The Baker Collection.
One of the all time great midget photos by one of the all time great Motor Sports photographers, Byron Gunther of Sydney.

Terry Weinert driving his air cooled V twin midget at Cumberland Oval, Parramatta NSW mid 1950s, complete with chicken wire grille !

Photo - Byron Gunther. 
Aussie midget action in Qld. in the 1960s.    Outside to inside.
# 97 Holden of Brian Meyers,      #2 the BERCO Repco Holden of Len Brock ( the ex Brewer #10 / # 99 car ),  Don Hunt in the yellow car , "Scarem" Sid Middlemass in the Walt Land Roadster and Johnny "Super" Stewart on the inside in #1.

Photo - John Stanley.
Cal Niday in the USA 3 doubles Ray Revell after a big win by Revell. Baker Collection.
A lot of people have argued that Frank never drove an Offy, he actually drove two. He shared this car with Allen Heath and in later years Bob Tattersall brought it to Australia as the Hollywood Spring and Axle Offy # 54, ( with different suspension ) now being restored in New Zealand by John  Stanley
.........and here's the other one. Frank takes the Jack Gardiner Offy # 12 for a ride.

Reminds me of one of Mel's stories...

' talking about the Belleville track in the US being wickedly fast... in one heat a midget jumped the cushion, cleared the rail and ended up in the paddock...when retrieved the driver was asked, " was it a mechanical problem ?"  the answer .. "not until I left the track !"
Photo courtesy of Mel Anthony..U.S.A.