Is this Tim Devonshire in an earlier car ?
Cumberland..Bob Playfair in # 17 high, Phil Cornish in #34 & Eric Morton in # 24 at the rear.
South Australian, Kym Bonython in an early midget.
Bryan Cunneen in # 38 Holden.
Dinny Patterson on the infield at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.
At Cumberland with car # 30 , Reed or Jennings and Dallas in # 21.
Sel Payne ?
Cumberland...Norm Jackson in the twin. Car had rear coil suspension.
What a great shot ! Dallas receives a trophy, Kym Bonython on right ( checkered cap and crutches ) Frank Arthur over Kym's left shoulder and a young Reg Mulligan Jnr ( with ringed collar tee shirt ) next to lady.
Sel Payne in # 21, one time Cumberland Promoter.
Eric Morton in the # 24 air cooled twin.
Johnny Pye at Cumberland in what looks like car # 21.
The wreck of the Bill Reynolds car # 2
Norm Rogers in # 7 through the ' Bullpens ' corner at the Royale.
A man named Mulga tells me that this is Harold Park in Sydney.
Jack Brabham in the J.A.P. 880 twin # 28 at Windsor.
Victorian ace, Athol Anderson looks for the fire under the bonnet of the # 57 V860 car.
Nick Collier
' Big ' Jack O'Dea's car, Studebaker powered Vic.# 65 after a bit of a skirmish.
Great shot, but who is it ?
This looks like Lindsay Olling in # 42.
I hope you have enjoyed this selection of early Aussie midget photos from Clive and Tim's collection. I think it is one of the most interesting  I have presented. If you can help with any POSITIVE I.D s please email me on
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Peter ' Lucky ' Spalding.
Thanks to Nick Collier Jnr,  Stan Best and Ken Dorahy for some identication of photos so far.