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The Ted Green - Jack Brabham - Jack O'Dea  Kevin Park - # 4 - # Vic65 - #66.
Early 50s - Ted Green a regular driver at Sydney Speedways builds car NSW #4. Ted fits a Studebaker 6 SV engine to the new car.
Green runs # 4 through Pit turn at the Sydney Royale.
Green runs #4 in front of Ray Revell in Aust. # 1 Offenhauser . Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.
Jack Brabham buys the car and fits an engine with ex Japanese Scout car 1400cc air cooled Vee Twin engine bottom end with special barrels and heads. Apparently the word is with this set up it was under powered. 
Brabham in # 4 runs with Bob Playfair in # 17 at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.
Windsor RSL Speedway. Andy McGavin in the Brewer # 48 V860 leads Jack Brabham in the
# 4 car.
Ted Green buys #4 back and refits a Studebaker SV engine.
Roy Sands of S.A. buys #4 off Green and later sells it to Jack O'Dea of Victoria who runs the car as Vic #65 with the Studebaker engine.
O'Dea and the #65 Studebaker at the Sydney Showground.
O'Dea nearly comes unstuck at The Royale.
Jack O'Dea sells Vic#65 to Kevin Park who runs it with the grey Holden engine and numbers the car #66.
Kevin runs the car for many years in different configurations but always as # 66. Shalimar Spares sponsorship in this photo.
Brisbane Ekka.
Kevin's son Garry  rear of car.
Kevin won the 1964 World's Speedcar Championship at the Sydney Royale.
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0'Dea in #V65 outside Aub Cherry - Tracey's Speedway. One of the all time great midget photos.
(photo - Ken Wheeler - thank you Max & Marion Miller)
Kevin in # 66 - the McGee Cams 'Revmaster '
using McGee fuel injection.
O'Dea at Rowley Park S.A. with a grey Holden engine fitted into V65