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The Brosenne - Peers - Butterworth  Capitol Mtrs - # 91 -  #27
Raced in the States in the late 1950s, dark red in colour and numbered 91, then dark blue, the Brosenne Landscaping Ford V860 - was brought to Australia and raced with a V8 Buick engine, and later Chev II powered. The car was bought to Australia and raced in other states by Bus Brosenne in 1965-66.  It was then purchased by Johnny Peers. The car was dark blue with gold numbers when it was purchased and had a white flash on the tail. Drivers of the # 91 - # 27 car in Australia were - Brosenne, Barry Butterworth, Lew Marshall, Brian Mannion. At the end of it's racing life the car was purchased by Sydney's Phil Christensen, restored and presented to the fans in it's restored form at the Final meeting of the Sydney Showground Speedway on 27th. April 1996.  It was driven at that meeting by Max Butterworth.
Photos courtesy of Dorsey Truitt, US Midget racer , show left, Dorsey in # 92 in the foreground and the red # 91 Brosenne Landscaping V860 in the background in 1959. On the right once again Dorsey in # 92 with # 91 in the background, top right, possibly in dark blue.
1966 - Johnny Peers puts New Zealand driver Barry Butterworth behind the wheel of the salmon red  & white coloured #91 Golden View Restaurant sponsored Chev II.  The restaurant operated by Peers at Bulli Heights. NSW.
Barry Butterworth in #91 goes for the handbrake outside Kevin Park in the
(Little BERCO)
1967 - Lew Marshall drives the car as
# 91 and # 1.
Brian Mannion had a drive as # 91.
Lew in the Chev II as # 1 leads Sid Middlemass in Wells # 54.
1968 - and the car is sponsored by and known as The Capitol Mtrs Chev II # 27 & driven to many successes by Butterworth.
Barry with Merle Bettenhausen on the infield at The Royale.
Photo by Geoff davis
Johnny Stewart
in 98 just heads
Barry in 91.
Lew Marshall in Offy
# 72 leads Barry at Liverpool in 1968.
Barry in 27 leads Johnny Stewart and Peter Cunneen.
Barry about to get a big headache in 27 at Liverpool.
Photo courtesy of Lesley & George Liebrand.
In 1969 - #27 with Barry ready to be pushed away.
A Liverpool Speedway photo of Barry in 27 in white.
A fabulous 'Salute The Crowd' at the famous Sydney Showground Speedway. Barry and 27 - 2nd row  2 from left  - behind Johnny Peers in the #26 Roadster.
Barry and the
# 27 Chev II.
Barry and crew at The Royale.  # 27 now in white after Barry finally purchased the car from Johnny Peers. 
Barry Butterworth - and his Funeral Service held on the infield of the NZ Western Springs Speedway.
1996 - and the restored # 27 is presented to the fans.
Max Butterworth drives # 27 in a demonstration at the Sydney Royale Final meeting in 1996.
2009 - and owner Phil Christensen graciously lent me # 27 to show at some vintage static displays.
#27 on display at a picnic day - Homebush Showground - NRMA Motorfest.
#27 spent some time on display at the National Motor Racing Museum at Mt Panorama - Bathurst NSW - was beautifully looked after by Irene, as she does with all the cars in her care, and is now back home with it's owner.  Pic 2 from left - Rod Harvey and
Tim Pike from the Museum with # 27.
This page from a suggestion from my good friend Steve Jones.
Johnny Peers' fabulous presentation of # 91 before it's first race under his ownership. Photo is taken at the Restaurant over looking Bulli on the South Coast.
Thank you to Gary Peers for the third photo (top right) and helpful information to make this page as accurate as possible.
A few extra photos of Barry from Gary Peers - thanks Gary
Barry gets strapped in by Johnny Peers and the crew before a race at the Sydney Showground Speedway.
After a tangle with Ron Wanless at Western Springs Speedway in NZ.   #91 had Midland Mtrs. sponsorship written on the bonnet, it's NZ sponsors.
Barry checks the radiator water on # 91.
Bus Brosenne brings the car to Australia with the Buick engine on board.
Photos courtesy of Bill Samways in Qld.
Brosenne - Cleveland - Tattersall