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Top Victorian midget builder / driver - George Beavis.
American Paul Swedberg in the first Offenhauser midget to grace our shores. He even raced this car in 1940 at the Mt Panorama - Bathurst - race track.
The other American pioneer to Australian 1930s Speedcar racing-
Beale Simmons in the Elto # 27 on his 2nd. visit in 1939..
Jack Gannon - car # 34 one of the pioneers.
Midget racing at the Sydney Sports Ground in the late 1930s.
Dinny Patterson in trouble in front.
Fred Allen in the last of the Fred Scully built midgets - refurbished and in Brisbane.
The wrecked Rogers' midget.
# 13 Don Mackay ?- Clem Scott and Ray Revell.
Can anyone ID please ?
Dinny Patterson and his professionally turned out pit crew. Patterson won the 1939 Australian Speedcar Champinship at the Sydney Sports Ground on Nov. 5th, 1939.
Clem Scott and Pit Crew.
George Beavis 4 and Jim McMahon 18, in the ex Swedberg Offy, owned here
in 1940 by George Reed, battle it out at the SSG.
Cec Garland in his first midget, an ex Jean Reville Gnat.
An unusual front wheel drive midget.
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A top liner in those early years - Olympic Park - Wentworth Park etc - Victorian -  Arch Tuckett.