Jeff Freeman, one of Australia's greatest midget drivers lost his life early in his career in a crash at Westmead Speedway on Sunday 9th May 1965.   In Australia '  Mothers Day ' is celebrated on or around this date each year, it was in 1965.  Jeff started his career in little air cooled V twins, later drove for successful Sydney car owner Max Linklater in the  yellow # 55 cars and his career was cut short when driving for Don MacKay in the famous black and gold Offenhauser powered # 75 midget.  Jeff ran with and regularly beat the best in Australia and visiting drivers from America.
Jeff in one of his earlier drives, the again earlier Max Linklater # 55 Holden midget.
Jeff in a later Linklater car.
Jeff ( right ) with his mentor and good friend, Bob Tattersall of the USA.
Lew Marshall in 54 leads Len Brock in the roadster on the outside with Jeff running the pole line in the Mackay Offy # 75 at Westmead Speedway.
Jeff in the Linklater Holden # 55 was pictured in this famous Larry Taylor crash photo at the Sydney Showground. Brock in 99 and Stewart in 44, McGavin outside.
Jeff in 75 gets some help from Ray Oram at the Brisbane Ekka.
In action in the OFFY.
The cream of Australian midget drivers in the 1960s, Jeff 2nd from right in black driving suit.
Jeff in the black and gold Mackay Offy at the Sydney Royale.
The sad facts written on the programme cover on
that day in may 1965... Jeff Freeman ..R.I.P.
The Mackay Offy # 75 in it's restored state has it's maiden showing with the VSA of NSW display of vintage midgets at the Shannon's Eastern Creek Car Show. 
August 28th 2005, The very proud owner of the ex Mackay / Freeman Offy, "Rocket " Rod Bowen, ex Sydney midget and sprintcar ace.
Thanks to Norm Dean for this unique photo of Jeff in # 73.
March 23rd 1963...Tracey's Speedway, Melbourne and Jeff is congratulated on his win in the 50 lap Golden Fleece Grand Prix in the Mackay Offy # 75. Car owner Don Mackay is next to Jeff in photo.  
This photo courtesy of Bob Ballantyne in NZ.
Thank you to Geoff Barnett for the photo of Jeff's memorial plaque.
Without being morbid or disrespectful, if you wish to view a short video clip of Jeff's fatal crash at Westmead that day, click on  the gold coloured number 75 below.

Please be a aware that this is a 2.1 MB download and will take a few minutes on Cable, a lot longer on Dial - Up.

Once it's loaded you can play it as many times as you like.