Max wasn't a racer but a fan. He was a kind elderly gentleman who approached our Vintage Speedcar clubmembers at the Royal Bathurst Show in 2004 and handed the club his photographic memories of midget racing at the Sydney Showground Speedway. Thank you Max.. your photos are in good hands. 
Max's Visitors
'Leadfoot' Lennie Brock on the infield of The Royale in the # 99 Repco Holden.
Jeff Freeman in an early Max Linklater Holden # 55.
Max passed away in April 2004.
Queensland's top driver in the early 1960s, Bill Goode in the famous, or ' infamous'  Q5, seen here at the Royale with a std.headed Holden engine but was built with the first Falcon engine to run in a midget in Australian Speedway in 1960.
South Australian, Bruce Rickard ran at the Royale in the 60s in # SA34 with the Repco Holden Engine. The Repco engine later being bought by Goode and being used in Q5  
South Australian Rex Sendy in the Repco Holden # SA56.  Englishman Bill Reynolds drove this car at a later date.
Andy McGavin, a huge talent in midgets, seen here in the Offy # 65
Another great shot of Andy in #65
The most popular midget driver ever to drive in Australia, Bob Tattersall of Illinois in the Cascio Offy # 5
Another shot of Bob Tattersall in # 5
Bob Tattersall in the #5 Offy runs outside Leroy Warriner in the Offy USA 1 through Pit turn at the Royale.The also very popular Aussie tourist Leroy Warriner, passed away on Jan.2 2003
Leroy Warriner in the Offy, USA #1
Leroy Warriner running the # 76 Offy through Pit turn at the Royale
The Holdens of Kevin Park # 66 outside Bob Holt at the Royale. 
One of the more famous Larry Taylor photos of action at the Royale's pit turn. 
Freeman in 55, Brock in 99, Stewart in 45
Feature race action at the Royale, Bob Holt 19, Peter Cunneen 41, George Archibald 8, Lew Marshall 30,  Bryan Cunneen 5 and Johnny Peers  2. 
Sid Clarke 12, Johnny Harvey 76 and Len Brock in Vic1. 
Nick Collier 73, Johnny Harvey 76, Johnny Stewart 55, Peter Cunneen 41, Len Brock Vic1 and Andy McGavin 2.
All photos by Larry Taylor - Copyright.
Thank you.. Max Goddard for this nice collection of Larry Taylor photos from the famous Sydney Showground Speedway..The Royale.