Queensland young gun, Kev Jefferson in the Repco Holden Q60.
Kev was Queensland Speedcar Champion in 1962.
( Photo Vince Quinlan Collection )
Kev Jefferson, a young man with a big future.  One of Queensland's top drivers.  Kev, a crowd favourite, was making a name for himself in big time midget racing when he met his untimely end at the Ekka on Saturday night the 11th of May 1963.  The race had not even begun and the field was just bunching up for the start of the second handicap heat..........
The Jefferson Q60 is towed away after the fatal smash on 11.5.63.
( Photo: John Stanley Collection)
A great 3/4 rear view of the Jefferson - Mulcahy Repco Holden Q60.
(Photo: John Stanley Collection.)
A couple of early photos with Kev driving # Q60 with the SV Studebaker 6 cylinder engine.    (Photos : Bob Ottaway Collection)
Kevin, left, with John Mulcahy and Roy Didlock, check out the damage after Q60 lost a wheel.
Kev's Visitors.
Kev after a bit of a tangle in Q60. Ian Finglas in 44 and Peter Dykes in 34 .        ( John Stanley Collection)
From a Brisbane programme.
(John Stanley's Collection.)
A report in the Brisbane Speedway News - Pictorial
said that Kev Jefferson died from injuries on the Monday morning after the crash.

He was 26 years old, single, and lived at Swain St., Holland Park.

He was the idol of many Speedway fans and liked by all his fellow competitors. His passing came as a great blow to all those who knew him personally or thrilled to his driving on the track.
Kev looking at his handy work with the Mulcahy Repco Holden Q60. ( Photo Courtesy - Vince Quinlan )
Kev in the Repco Q60 runs in big company through Pit turn with Johnny Harvey in 76, Andy McGavin in 65 and Bob Tattersall in 5 at the Ekka on 31.3.1962. ( Photo Courtesy Vince Quinlan.)
The Mulcahy Studebaker hard at it with Kevin at the wheel.( Photos  Courtesy Vince Quinlan)
The plaque on Kev's grave at Mt Gravatt Cemetery out of Brisbane.