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A great action shot of Brian Mannion in Holden # 88
A crash series of photos shot by Kerry at Westmead. Top: Sid Clarke #51 slams into the fence, Bryan Cunneen in # 61, Peter Cunneen in # 67 and Lew Marshall all take evasive action. Top Right : Sid sits in car head down after the impact.Right: The remains of poor old # 51 gets towed off the track, Reg Mulligan Snr. in white hat, Vic Mansfield ( track suit with writing ).

Peter Cunneen behind the wheel of the Walt Land Chev II. roadster. Ray Oram and Walt Land looking on.
A nice study of Peter Bowland.
Bryan Cunneen fighting # 61 through a turn.
Andy McGavin has a guest drive in the big BERCO Repco Holden # 2.
Lew Marshall in the Wells Holden # 54,
Peter Cunneen in #67
Peter Cunneen in a spot of bother. 
Jeff Freeman in the Mackay Offy # 75.
Jeff Freeman # 75 with Peter Cunneen in the twin # 4 coming into frame.
Ray Oram in Offy # 76.
Brian Myers in Holden # 97 heading for trouble and the fence.
Lew Marshall and the Wells Holden # 54.
Kevin Higgins , # 30 and crew.
Peter Bowland, # 61 and crew.
Sid Reed and # 3.
Sid Clarke in Holden # 51.
Sid Reed # 3, Johnny Stewart # 1, Peter Cunneen # 67, Sid Clarke # 51
& Brian Cunneen in # 61
Sid Middlemass in the Upston Holden # 74 runs outside the late Laurie Seidl in Repco Holden # 44.
Thanks Kerry for a great collection. Kerry has arranged for us to view some of his Ian Smith Collection of photos as well.
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Photos - Copyright of Kerry Ingham,