Raymond K.Lyle of the US has kindly shared some of his magnificent photo collection with us on "Just Midgets" . Thank you , Ray. 
Ray Lyle in the red V860 # 20, at Saugus 1945.
Bill Brereton in # 47 and Cal Niday in the Ray Lyle V860 # 6
A small section of the great crowd at Saugus Speedway. 
Mack Hellings in the Lyle V860 # 20.
Mel Hansen , Atlantic Speedway LA. 1938.
John McDowell in the # 33 Offy.
Eddie Johnson in Dan Quella's Offy # 50
Cal Niday buckles up in the Duane Carter Offy.
The programme cover from a meeting at Bonelli Stadium in 1946.
A 1946 URA Roster.
The V860 power plant out of the Ray Lyle midget.
"Spider" Webb runs the Dan Hogan Offy around the Atlantic Speedway.
Ray Lyle in his blue # 6 V860......1946
Ray Lyle running in # 20 ....1945.
The Paul Swedberg Offy # 10. Paul eventually sold the car to Sam Hanks who painted it black. It is said that this midget with Hanks at the wheel won more money than any other midget in the history of the sport. Hanks named the car "Black Beauty".
Pat Cunningham.
Louie Ulbrick's # 22 drops a wheel at Atlantic Speedway.
Louie Foy .... 1937.
The famous Duke Nalon in the Rex May Offy # 44.
The # 12 Offy of the Dimateo Bros.after an accident. 
Bob Barker in # 23, Cal Niday in # 10.
Midget action at the Atlantic City track in 1940.
I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to Ray Lyle for sharing these images of the fabulous sport of midget speedcar racing in the United States with us here on "Just Midgets" . Thanks, Ray.
Ray's Visitors.
Ray at speed in # 20.