Al Novotnik in the Gardner Offy # 24
Al Novotnik in the Gardner Offy # 24 and Pete Everson in the black # 21. Both cars are owned by Dick King.
The orange # 5 midget is a KK copy and is
powered with a Falcon 6 engine.
The # 17 V860 Ford was for sale and sold quickly.
The white # 77 is BMW powered.
# 6 is powered by a Ford Mustang engine.
# 83, The Darrel Villa Offy, driven by the late Ray Brown and owned now by Doug Post.
#24 is one of 4 Trevis midgets ever built.
Offy powered it is owned by Dick Briggs.
The ex # 35 Bowen Oldsmobile Sprint car, being restored by now owner Tom Gelston.
The Tom Gelston, ex Bowen Olds in the colors it was painted when driven by Pancho Carter
Above, the ex Charlie Woznick offy under restoration.
Some pics from the Zephryhills Show, Florida, 18th - 21st February 2004.
# 78 Ford V860 -owner Bill St George
Chev II # 98 owned and was raced by Dick Peterman
Lou Timolat, one of the owner of this Leader Card Champ
dirt car.