Ray in the A Model powered Queensland No.1
Ray in the A Model Q1 taken the night he won the World Midget Title in 1948, Cal Niday 2nd, Perry Grimm 3rd. 
Another angle of the pair. The writing on the scuttle says" Ray Revell Australian Champion 1947"  
American, Cal Niday, second from left and Ray Revell , third from right hold the 1948 World Championship Trophy. I can see a young Tommy Bradshaw on the left and Johnny Peers, second right.
The famous, Johnny Balch, Perry Grimm Offy carried the number 7...............................
..................and the number 1.
Ray was.

World Midget Champion in 1948

Australian Midget Champion in 1947, 1950,1951,1952,1953.

NSW Champion in 1947, 1950,1951.

Queensland Champion in 1949

A closer shot with 7 on the tail.
No blue on the nose, possibly a shot when the car arrived.
One of the famous Revell / Brewer match races at the Sydney Sportsground Speedway. Circa 1953. 
Frank later said" I never touched him ! "
Two speedcar greats run wheel to wheel past the Members Stand at the Sydney Showground Speedway. Frank "Satan" Brewer in # 99 outside Ray.
Brothers in law, Ray on the outside in 7 runs with Andy McGavin in the Brewer # 48 V860, Sydney Sportsground.      Circa 1949 - 50.
Ray runs the outside of South Australian, Len Golding in the ex Jack Braham Twin SA3 on the back straight of the Royale. The Coronation Stand in the background.
Ray Huppatz in SA5 runs the outside of Ray in 1.
A great Larry Taylor photo of Ray. It must have been cold as he still has the cover over the nose aperture to get heat into the engine, or maybe he forgot it was on ?
Sydney Sportsground and Ray runs outside Ralph Henderson in the immaculate A Model # 11.
Sydney Showground and Ray lines up with American Dick "Jet" Brown in another Offy.
Ray and Brown, wheel to wheel at the Royale. 
Ray on the outside with Jack O'Dea from Victoria in the ex Saylors Offy # 65 and Leroy Warriner in # 76 at the rear.
Kevin Park #66, Johnny Peers # 21 and Ray get into a spot of bother. 
Brothers in law, Ray ( left) and Andy McGavin pose for the Des Lawrence camera at Westmead Speedway in two of the Don Mackay cars. The car on the left was driven by McGavin in the late 1940s and early 1950s, Werner Greve in the 50s and 60s and Ray actually drove this car with the number 66 for Don Mackay before Don acquired the number 13 off Greve. The car is the  ex # 48 V860 that Frank Brewer brought over from the U.S. in 1949. Now under going restoration in by VSA member as the Harvey #13.
I hope you have enjoyed the photographic tribute to a true champion, Ray Revell.
Ray's autograph.
A Johnny Balch owned Offy outside the Balch Garage. This was a similar car to Revell's.  Johnny's Grandson Dale Frye is the artist and copies of this painting and others are available FOR SALE on Dale's website shown overprinted on painting.
The ex Balch /Revell Offy in New Zealand owned by Gordon Johns and here in the hands of John Stanley. It had a V860 fitted at one time and also a grey Holden 6 cylinder engine. John said it's biggest successes in NZ were with the Holden Engine. The Offy engine back in the car in these shots. Thank you to Gavin Evitt in New Zealand for these two photos.The restored version of the car is now back in Australia and runs in vintage demonstrations.
This great Byron Gunther photo shows Ray in his second midget # 23 at the Sydney Sportsground Speedway in 1938. It was powered by a Fiat engine. Ray's first midget was  hand built by Ray in 1936 and was Austin 7 powered.
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