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A stalwart of Australian Speedway in the 1950s and 60s, Adelaide's, Kym Bonython in the little twin he brought to Sydney in the late 50s. I saw Kym go flat out down the back straight at the Royale in this car, not even look like he was going to take Pit bend and straight into the pit gates at about 60 MPH ! ( B.D.)
Instead of the saying
" For Whom the Bells Toll "
Kym a cattle man, had
" For Whom the Bulls Toil "  You can see this across the bonnet of the midget.
The Werner Greve # 13 Holden, the most beautiful midget you could ever see under lights at the Royale. A completely hand made all alluminiun body by Clive Toyer and finished in all white and chrome with black writing and the West German flags on the nose and tail. This car today in 2004 would have to have the most exciting history of any midget in Australia.  Originally the Frank "Satan" Brewer # 48 "Flame Car" brought out from the States by Frank in 1949, driven to a National Championship win by Peter Cunneen, it is now being restored by Bill Wells to the era of the Mackay / Harvey # 13.
Sydney man, Eric Morton in the beautiful little experimental Wal Platt triple J.A.P. engined midget # 24. With a theoretical power output of 120 BHP it would have been a winner if it was reliable, but apparently kept snapping drive chains as it was very hard to synchronise the 3 engines.
Ken Morton in the # 10 Holden heads Andy McGavin in the
# 15 Bill Clements Holden through Pit turn at the Royale, Andy wearing his famous blue and white silk striped overshirt.
Sel Payne gets the flowers while Fay Taylour cuddles up ! Irish woman Fay toured Australia twice in the 1950s, driving the ex Brewer V860 #48 car in the Golden Fleece colours as # 18 and later the ex Reece Discombe, Johnny Peers # 12 V860. Fay was a top Solo rider in the UK, riding Douglas bikes in the late 1920s. Sel as well as being a top midget driver was also a Speedway promoter.
Johnny Peers has a drive of the George Bonser # 9 V860 midget. George on the left.
One of our early American touring midget drivers ,
Dick "Jet" Brown tinkers with the # 15 Clement Holden. Brown drove the # 5 Offenhauser owned by Empire Speedways on his Aussie tour.
Johnny Peers, left, and Dick Brown have talk on the mike.
Bill Bacon in his Holden midget # 8.
Brisbane Exhibition Grounds 1946 - L to R. Max Hughes NZ, Jack Malcolm NZ, Ken Wylie Vic., Doug McDonald Qld., Fred Barker, Belf Jones, Jimmy Read, Jimmy Cross, Bob Playfair NSW., George Bonser, Ray Revell.
An early pic of Werner Greve in # 13, outside Bill Bacon in # 8 at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway. Greve running # 13 with the original # 48 body and Bacon running an A Model Ford engine in # 8.
Thanks Ian for some really different photos of our midget past...Brian.