A New Zealander, he became one of the true "Legends" in midget racing. Frank raced in Australia, New Zealand, England and America. In America he was known as one of the hardest competitors to take to the dirt tracks. Here in Australia he won:
The 1950 World Speedcar Championship.

The 1949 Australian Speedcar Championship.

The 1952, 1953 and 1954 New South Wales Speedcar Championships.

The 1954 Queensland Speedcar Championship. 
They called him "SATAN" because he drove like the "DEVIL".
Frank started his racing career late in life in this midget, # 72, in New Zealand after seeing some touring American midget drivers race there. He was 32 years of age.
Frank in another early car, this time a Ford V860 #7.
Frank's ( left ) first midget race in America. The spinning right rear wheel of the car on top scarred Frank's new leather jacket. He went on to drive with that jacket for his whole career,
it became a Brewer trade mark.
His family still have it.
An American confrontation. Frank on right holds his crash hat with the peak broken off. Farmer, on left, went straight over the top of Frank in the accident.
Frank in the US in the Ford V860 # 10.
Frank in # 10 as it arrived in Australia in 1949. This car was later numbered 99, a number Frank raced with in the US.
Frank and the V860 in Hollywood with Rex Harrison, Linda Darnell and Offy driver Inky Ingram in # 24.
Frank and 99 as they were later known by thousands of Speedway fans.
A top photographic study of Frank and # 99 at the Sydney Sportsground Speedway, 1949 by Frank Le Breton father of the famous Solo rider Ken le Breton.
His dices with Australia's Ray Revell were legendary. Here they are at the Royale.
Frank in # 99 runs with Andy McGavin in # 48 at the Sportsground, these were the two V860s Frank brought out from USA in 1949.
Frank in 99 tries to round up Jack Brabham in # 28 at the Royale.
Frank being presented with the World Title trophy in 1950 . Frank Arthur, second left, John Sherwood far right. Frank won from Ray Revell in 2nd, Allan Marshall in 3rd and Reece Discombe ( NZ ) in 4th.
Frank tuning the V860.
Gavin Leer, left and J.J.Mineeff, right, join Frank for his 90th Birthday Party in 1996.
Frank, a keen photographer, here with daughter Marilyn at the Royale in 1996.
The "Satan" left us on the 8th of June 2001. This was the programme from his Funeral service. His daughters had designed it as a Speedway programme.
The Satan's Visitors.
Harold Barnes in the Supercharged Jeep # 5 leads Frank at the Royale.
Frank runs high around Sel Payne in the # 20 car. Sydney Sportsground.
A great shot of Frank during daylight practice at the Royale.
Another classic Le Breton / Brewer shot.