In 1996 when visiting American Speedcar driver  George "The Judge" Ito looked at the track at the Royale, turned to the TV cameras and said " If there is enough dirt up top Jay (Drake) and I will show you how to "ride the rim"......... George obviously had never seen Johnny Stewart drive the Royale. 
The one and only Johnny "Super" Stewart on the infield at the Sydney Showground Speedway after his retirement.  The famous clock tower of the Member's Stand in the background.
A Geoff Davis Photo.
Johnny with the 1966-67 Craven Filter Trophy.
Johnny in the Laurie Seidl Holden # 44
Johnny in # 45 ( the 2nd Seidl car ) runs infield to avoid the carnage on Pit Turn at the Royale.
Johnny ducks as Dallas James goes up and over at Westmead Speedway..
Johnny in the Shell Trackburner # 1 checks the damage after a mullti car pile up.
John had a stint in one of the yellow Linklater # 55 Holdens.
A bad night for John in the # 98 Holden.
The Shell Trackburner # 1 after a big one and Johnny is not too impressed with his handiwork.
A sickening site at any Speedway, Johnny about to get a big headache
Johnny in # 1 holds the inside line on Blair Shepherd of Queensland in car Q99, the ex Tattersall Cascio Offy. The Cascio is now restored.
Johnny in # 98 on the inside of Bill Goode of Queensland in the ex Jimmy Davies Offy Q5
John up front on a form up lap, Westmead Speedway, it looks very cold from the nose cover and the exhaust steam. 
John in the Ron Hodgson Climax on the inside front in a form up at Liverpool Speedway.
One of the greatest line ups of Australian Midget drivers ever assembled. Johnny Stewart is third from right ( back row) and has Jeff Freeman's arm over his shoulder along with Wal Brooker.
Johnny in the Climax runs up behind Gordon Benny at Liverpool.
John in the Ron Hodgson Climax Australia # 1.
Great photo !. Johnny in the Ron Hodgson / Castrol Coventry Climax Australia # 1 at Liverpool Speedway.
I hope you have enjoyed the photographic tribute to one of the all time greats and one of the all time crowd favourites in Australian midget racing,
 Johnny "Super" Stewart.
A great Bill Meyer photo ( Thanks Bill )

Bob Tattersall, John and Merle Bettenhausen. 
John in the Shell Trackburner Holden # 1
John in the big BERCO Repco Holden # 2
John in the National Speed Sport / Shell Trackburner Offy # 98