Werner Greve on his way to winning the Queensland Derby in 1955. Werner is driving the old ex # 48 Brewer car only with a Holden grey engine, not the V860.  The car was numbered 13 and was all white.
This was the car as Fay Taylour and Bill Reynolds drove it. This car went on to have an incredible Australian speedway history. It has now been restored to the Mackay/Harvey
Werner in the re bodied # 13 McGee Holden. All white with chrome and a little German flag on the tail. This car looked spectacular at night under the lights at the Royale. At a later date Greve actually installed a Chev. Corvette engine but was not allowed to run it as it was outside the regulations.
Werner in # 13 and Hedley McGee with trophy. 1956.
Andy McGavin in the Clements Holden # 15 parked in front of Werner in # 13.
Werner is out to it as a result of this smash at the Royale.
Werner Greve, an ex German Army Officer, came to Sydney in the early fifties to drive midgets. Werner was an agressive driver and found himself involved in on track skirmishes quite often. He had a large earth moving business which often took him away from his Speedway activities. Werner won the NSW Speedcar Championship in 1955 and the World Speedcar Championship in 1956.
Andy McGavin was one of Australia's most versatile and consistent midget drivers starting his career in 1947.  Andy, who had the famous Ray Revell as his brother-in-law went on to win many Speedcar Championships.
Andy on the left with the famous "Leadfoot" Lennie Brock.
A young Andy in the # 12 A Model Ford midget.
Brothers in law dicing at the Sydney Sportsground Speedway in 1950. Andy driving the ex Brewer V860 # 48 while Ray is drivng the ex Johnny Balch Offy # 7.
Andy in # 48 with Frank "Satan" Brewer in 99. These are the two V860s Frank brought over in 1949. 99 went on to run as # 2 the BERCO and 48 ran as the Harvey # 13 and Cunneen # 17
Andy in the Clement's Holden # 15 gets tee -boned by German Werner Greve.
Andy in the Don MacKay # 65 Holden.
Andy, Don MacKay and Jeff Freeman.
Ray Revell ( left) and Andy sit in two of the MacKay cars on the infield at Westmead Speedway.
Some of Andy's accomplishments:
The 1959 World speedcar Championship.
The 1954, 1955, 1957,1959 and 1961 Australian Speedcar Championships.
The 1956 and 1963 NSW Speedcar Championships.

An early head shot of Andy sitting in the old Ray Revell Q1 which was then numbered # 6.
The last midget that Werner drove was the ex Saylors Offy. Photo to follow at a later date.
Andy gets steam up in # 48.
Andy also drove the famous BERCO Repco Holden # 2. Photo to follow at a later date.
Andy having a dramatic moment at the Royale with the A Model # 12
The roof of the Suttor Stand can be seen in the out line of lights.
A  rare RH shot of Andy and the V860 # 48.
You can read the shipping insruction on the LHF tyre.