Bob Dunn, a huge Speedway enthusiast for many years, his Dad, Roy, drove Stock Cars and rode Sidecars and Bob was track man at the Royale for many years. Bob has shared some of his photographic memories with us on Just Midgets .. thanks Bob.
Len Steele & Andy McGavin
Andy McGavin in the Clements Holden # 15
Andy McGavin in a Mackay Offy.
Barry Butterworth in the Johnny Peers owned Golden View Restaurant Chev II # 91
Bill Jost in Holden # 4
Wal Brooker
Ray Oram
1949 ' World' Speedcar Champion - Bob Playfair at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway
in his Ford V860 # 17
Brian Myers
Bruce Rickard
Al McCoy - aka. Dallas James.
Ern Meagher
Fred Gardiner
Harry Neale & friend.
Don Hunt in his own  # 32 midget.
Frank 'Satan' Brewer winer of the Golden Helmet - on his parade lap.
Garry Rush in the # 25 Holden.
George Bonser in his # 9 Ford V860.
Gary McClenahan in the # 23 midget.
Harry Neale of S.A. in the SA #1 REPCO Holden midget, the ex Brewer # 99 and later # 2 Big BERCO. Harry lost his life at Claremont Speedway W.A. on 6.2.59
Thanks Bob for these great memories.
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