Frank 'Satan ' Brewer - Kurtis - Eddie Meyer V860 # 99

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The original driver of #10
( # 99). Walt Faulkner. Faulkner drove for original owner Leonard Fass. Later Frank Brewer was to drive and own the car. The 'F' on the front crash bar possibly stood for Fass not Frank.
Frank Brewer in # 10 as he raced it in England in 1948.
Frank in # 10 and Andy McGavin in # 48 - Oxford St. Sydney 1949 - after unloading from ship.
Frank in Australia with # 10 with his Kendall Oil sponsorship.
Frank in # 10 at the Sydney Showground circa 1950.
Sydney - Frank registers his name and car with the famous  # 99. The first style of signwriting of the number 99.
Frank in #99 in the Sydney Sports ground Pits. The second style of the written 99.
Frank and Hedley McGee fit a grey Holden engine to the car as Frank has run out of V860 bits. Frank drives the car as # 1 and Werner Greve drove it as # 13.  Frank seen here driving it as # 1,  the 3 covered up
( or removed)  from Greve's drives as # 13
The full version of the photo (left) - Frank # 1 runs with Dalls James
# 15 through Pit Turn Sydney Showground.
South Australian Harry Neale buys the car fits a REPCO Holden engine - runs as SA # 1
Harry Neale loses his life in an accident in the car at Claremont Speedway  W.A.
6th Feb. 1959.
The car comes to Sydney and is in the ownership of the Dark Family. Johnny Peers seen here in the car.
Brian Tracey in # 2 at Westmead Speedway.
Len Brock brought a lot of fame to # 2.
#2 suffered the regular Saturday night damage as most midgets of the era did. Brock here in # 2 with Bryan Cunneen in # 55.
1967 and Lew Marshall up ends  # 2.
Howard Revell was very  successful in the car.
Howard Revell and the Dark Team.
Howard damages a panel or two at Westmead in # 2
1970 - A sad looking
# 2 was even painted pink at one time for Concreters, Farley & Lewers' sponsorship.
Johnny Stewart in #2
#2 The BERCO is restored and presented to the public in 2005. Seen here with sister car the Little BERCO also having been restored.
#2 hits the track again in vintage demonstrations at Moruya NSW. Driven here by (left) Bruce Arthurson (right) Gary Arthurson - having been restored by
Bruce and Gary Arthurson.
Frank Brewer won the :

1950 Australian Speedcar Championship.

1950 World's Speedcar Championship ( Australia)

1952 NSW Speedcar Championship.
1953 NSW Speedcar Championship.
1954 NSW Speedcar Championship.

1954 Queensland Speedcar Championship.

A rare private photo of Frank in the Holden at Westmead - circa 1955-56 with the # 13 on the tail.The old tower on the infield was later to come down.
Ray Oram in # 2
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Len Brock
....with Mobil sponsorship at Westmead.
Renumbered 65 and now owned by Arthursons. Trallee on dirt with Repco Holden, Ken Mankey driving leading Bob Sluice (Berco #11, ex Max Hugo, , David House (Berco #48, ex Kevin Upston #15) and Ernie Parker (ex Ken Reddacliff #8).

Tralee on the tar, Repco Holden, David House and Ronald McKay.

David House, Tralee on the tar, Holden engine.

David House, Tralee on the tar leading Howard Revell ( Berco Offy #10 ).

Proof the old girl could still pick up her skirts and run. Liverpool on the tar circa 1980. Kevin Patton with the Vauxhall engine celebrating a win.

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Werner Greve in the car as #13
A small pictorial of Frank and
# 10/99/13/1/2/65/2
Frank's (ex 99) now with the McGee Holden engine in the drive of the McGee
home at Coogee.
Frank's ex # 99 V860 now with Holden
(no number ) at
Rowley Park S.A.
Maybe this is when it was sold to Harry Neale.
Frank's # 10 in England in 1948
Frank & # 10
Frank nearly always wore a tie.
circa 1950
Jack Brabham # 28 with Frank in # 99. Sydney Showground.
Frank & 99
infield at Sydney
Sports Ground.
After tangling with Bill Reynolds at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.