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#65 The 'Little' BERCO.
In the Beasley garage-Victoria. The famous Alf Beasley Lea Francis engined Vic # 1 midget,  would eventually end up as the equally famous 'Little' BERCO # 65 of the Dark Family's.
Built by Arthur Beasley circa 1949 for son Alf Beasley (left), to drive . Here famous South Australian engineer, Albert Ludgate (right), looks over the #1 car with Alf.
Alf and the Lea Francis - Victoria # 1.
Alf and # 1 in action.
#1 is later fitted with a Holden grey engine and comes to Sydney under the ownership of Don Mackay in 1959.
Bill Reynolds seen here in
the car.
Mackay re numbers the car # 65 under the Mobilgas colours and Peter Johnson, seen here, drives # 65 along with  Andy McGavin & Len Brock.
After Mackay the ownership goes to Jack Holebone in 1964 and Ray Oram gets the drive.
Ownership is then tranferred to the   Dark Family and  a REPCO headed Holden engine is fitted. Ray Noble in the car.
NZ star -Barry Butterworth drives # 65 for the Darks.
Probably the most exciting driver to watch in the 'Little' BERCO # 65 was the late Kevin Park in 1965-66.
The great Andy McGavin drives # 65 for Don Mackay
Garry Rush was the last to drive
# 65 for the Dark Family - c1968.
#65 was then sold to Bill Curnow of South Australia and he ran it very successfully at Rowley Park and Virginia Speedways as SA 4.
The remains of #65 were purchased by David Johnsen of Sydney and restored over a period of 6 years. David being an original Pit Crew member for the Dark Family.The car is now shown at Vintage displays. David and his wife Sandra seen here with # 65 at a display at Sydney's Eastern Creek Raceway in 2004.
Photo courtesy of Max & Marion Miller.