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The Bill Goode - Golden Fleece
Falcon Special - Q5
Built in Queensland circa 1960 by Bill Goode, the car was fitted with the just released
XK 6 cylinder Ford Falcon engine. Highty modified it took Goode some time to sort the new engine out. He alternated with a standard headed grey Holden engine when the Falcon engine was being rebuilt after blow ups.  Eventually he fitted an ex Bruce Rickard REPCO Holden engine. The best result by Goode and the Falcon was in Sydney in 1962 when they ran 3rd to Johnny Peers (2nd) and Bob Tattersall (1st.) in the 1962 Australian Grand Prix run at the Sydney Showground Speedway. Q5 won 5 feature races at the Brisbane Ekka.
I bought Q5 in 1995 with the intention of restoring it to the Falcon era.
Bill Goode and the new Falcon on completion of the build.
Photo courtesy of Ron Barton.
Bill Goode, The Falcon Q5 and the programme results of the 1962 Australian Grand Prix at the Sydney Showground.
Goode and Q5 lead Johnny Harvey 96,
Sid Reed 44, Johnny Stewart 2 , Bob Tattersall 3, and Jimmy Davies at the Royale in 1963.
Kev Jefferson in Q60 REPCO runs outside Bill Goode in the Falcon Q5.
Goode in the Falcon at The Royale.
Photo by a young Peter White
Goode running a standard headed Holden grey engine in Q5.
Q5 ends up on top of the Kelly Q11. Brian Finglas helps Goode.
The Holden Q5 on a very basic trailer, after a big bingle.
Kelly in Q11, Brian Tracey in NZ8, Goode on the outside in Q5 Ekka.
Looking a bit worse for the wear and tear , Q5 with the REPCO Holden engine fitted enters the Ekka pits.
Gus McClure runs the ex Goode car as Q27 and maroon in colour, with the REPCO engine. Davidson in Q6,  Wanless in Q76.
McClure spins in Q27, Barrie Valentinna in Q23.
Old Q5 as it was owned and run in Bundaberg with a standard headed Holden engine as The Carina Special  # 1 with Speedway promoter - owner / driver
  Alex Walker.
Brian Darby -  I bought the old wreck in 1995, as two trailer loads of junk.
After the two year restoration I ran Q5 with a Ford Falcon engine for 9 years in vintage demonstrations.
Q5 won 6 National awards over the next 10 years for Best Restoration. I owned Q5 for 14 years.
The first of the Ekka Vintage Speedcar  Spectaculars in 1998. Q5 and I with Graham Gallagher and his Bob Tattersall Offy # 35.
A Barry Marshall photo.
Q5 and I getting it together on the  Bankstown 1/2 miler in November 2004.
Photo by the late
Rhys Crosskill.
My last engine start in Q5 at the Dayboro Showground in Qld. after selling Q5 back to a Qld. buyer in 2009.
Photo by Col Mullins.
Thank you to Barry Lane in Qld. for confirming the Q5 history.

As much as some may think - the Gus McClure - Des Kelly - Tim Hocking - Q12 / Q15 - Holden / Falcon was never the Q5 car.
Two entirely different cars and chassis.
Brian Darby ( Left - Photographer for Peter White'sSpeedway World) with Bill Goode at a Speedway Promoter's meeting in Sydney - circa 1996
My first sight of old Q5 - October 1995
Ekka 1998 - Q5 wins Best Presented Vintage Speedcar - Post 1959 & Best Presented Vintage Speedcar & Crew.
Goode's 3rd Place ribbon from the 1962 AGP draped on the nose.
Circa 1986 - Q5 comes to Sydney - seen here on a semi as the Carina Special # 1 - along with # 38 the Al Staples Holden.   
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