Geoff, a huge fan of midget racing in Australia and a crew member of the famous Wells racing team in the 1960s & 70s has shared a collection of older Aussie midget photos with us on Just Midgets...Thanks Geoff. 
Bill Annabel in the ex Wylie, ex Revell A model Ford midget, # 6. Bill lost his life in this car in an accident with German driver Werner Greve at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway on 23.10.1953.
Bill Bacon in # 8 and Werner Greve in # 13 at the Sydney Sports Ground in the early 1950s.
Harold Barnes in the second of his # 3 Jeep powered midgets.This car was later fitted with a Holden 6 cylinder engine and was the first Holden powered midget to race in Sydney with Barnes then Bill Reynolds at the wheel.
Harold Barnes and # 3
Bryan Cunneen in his Holden powered # 38 car.
South Australian, Kym Bonython in his little air cooled twin, S.A.1. He put this straight into the Pit gates at the Royale one evening, never looked like taking the turn. Kym was an ex WWII pilot, the promoter of the S.A. Speedway, Rowley Park, an S.A. Art Gallery proprietor and an excellent midget competitor.
Kym Bonython was also a cattle breeder and had
" For Whom the Bulls Toil " ( a play on words for "For Whom the Bells Toll ") written across the bonnet of the twin.
Ted Breen in the A model midget # 35 on the infield of the SSG.
American driver , Dick ' Jet ' Brown in the Offy # 5. The car was owned by Empire Speedways.
Dick Brown and Werner Greve at the Royale. Greve in the newly re bodied, by Clive Toyer, # 13 midget.
Jack ' Pop ' Ferguson, an early Sydney midget star, in his Ron Ward twin # 3 at Windsor Speedway. Jack died in early 1956 as the result of a crash at Cumberland Speedway Parramatta on the 29.10.1955
South Australian midget campaigner, Len Golding in the ex Jack Brabham car S.A.3. Golding was a local hero in South Australian racing circles.
Len Golding at the wheel of S.A. 3.
Ted Green in his Studebaker #4. Jack Brabham also raced this car with an air cooled twin engine. The car later went on to be a successful Holden powered car raced by Kevin Park as # 66
Ted Green in the Studebaker # 4 and Ray Revell in the ex Johnny Balch, ex Perry Grimm Offy, # 1 at the SSG.
Werner Greve in # 13.  The car came to Australia in 1949 as Frank Brewer's 2nd car, Ford V860 powered and numbered 48. It had a ' flat back ' tail and after purchase Greve fitted a Holden 6 engine.
Werner Greve and # 13 just after he bought the ex Brewer car. It still had the V860 fitted.
Werner in the V860 # 13 runs with Paul Moffit in the
# 7 A Model Ford at the SSG early 50s.
South Australian, Ray Huppatz running in S.A. 5
at the SSG.
Ray Huppatz and # S.A.5
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