Along with the fabulous colour photos from this collection are a great number of classic B/W pics from the Showground and Westmead. Once again, photographer unknown but a big thanks to Will Hancock and John Stanley for saving these great pics.
National Craven Filter Pointscore Champion for 1964-65 - Peter Cunneen in the Holden # 1 ( aka # 17)
Howard Revell in the BERCO # 2
Peter Bowland in the Murray M&D Mtrs. Holden # 4.
Brothers, Bryan Cunneen # 5 and Peter Cunneen #1 on the infield at Westmead Speedway.
Bryan Cunneen in the # 5 Holden.
Peter Cunneen with a ' Tiger in his tank.'
Lew Marshall and the Wells Fiat # 54.
Sid Middlemass in the Wells Fiat # 54
Bryan Cunneen in the Max Linklater Holden # 55.
Dave McKittrick in # 56.
Two nice photos of Bruce Doolan in the # 73 Holden.
Sid Middlemass in the Walt Land Chev Roadster with Wal Brooker or Ray Noble in # 29
Garry Rush in the McGee Falcon Tornado #13
Jack 'Tiny ' Watson in the Morton REPCO Holden # 22.
New Zealander Brian Tracey had a short stint in the BERCO # 2. ( Thanks Howard for the ID.)
Gary Ainsworth.
Ray Noble # 65, Lew Marshall # 54 , # 55 ?
Kevin Gormly in the # 39 car.( no "e" in surname )
Thanks to ;
Kerry Ingham, Geoff Barnett, Alan Wheeler, Bob Ottaway, Howard Revell, Andy Warwick & Peter Nunn...for some IDs.
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