Johnny Stewart having a guest drive in the VEM Repco Holden # 24.
Peter Cunneen in the ex Alan Hunt # 67 Holden possibly on the day he had his first drive in this car which he drove later as # 17 and # 1
Ray Noble.
Phil O'Shea in # 90 being pushed by Len Brock in # 2.
Al Staples drives the Ron Madden Holden # 12. Ron Madden far left.
Bob Pymble in the twin # 35 tangles with R.Backhouse in # 15.
Bryan Cunneen in the # 61 Holden battles on with a flat left rear.
The Barry Valentinna Offy # Q23 on the infield at Westmead Speedway.
Bill Warner has a drive of the Johnny Stewart Trackburner.
The Seidl crew infield with, group on left,Carlo Marchini, Jeff Freeman and Peter Nunn.
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Johnny Harvey buckles up for a drive in the Joe Hills Climax # 96
American Jimmy Davies in the little light weight Offy # 1
Peter Cunneen in the M&D Holden # 4 leads Jeff freeman in the Linklater # 55 Holden.
Jeff Freeman leads Johnny Stewart.
Parade lap.
The start of a Sunday afternoon feature race at Westmead.
Don Read in # 83 and dave McKitrick in # 39
Don Read and # 83.
Peter Bowland in the Brock Roadster.
Bob Holt in the # 19 Holden.
Sid Middlemass in # 39 leads Bob Holt in # 19
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