Ian Sagaris, a fan of most Motor Sport sections has shared his midget memories with us here on  ' JustMidgets ' ....Thanks Ian.
Ted Heathcote in 35 & Bruce Hinrichsen in 11 at Cumberland Oval. 
The Ron Ward / Bill Shevill team. Ron 4th from left and Bill centre with leather jacket pose with one of the famous Ward twins # 3. 
Allan Marshall in the Jeep Special # 26 up ends it near the cricket site screen at Cumberland Oval. Allan raced under the name of Marshall but his right surname was Russack, his car was numbered after his year of birth 1926. 
Allan Demery in # 9.
George Bonser in # 2 
George Bonser in a later V860 - # 9.
Charlie Cam in # 18
Charlie Cam in the # 27 twin. Charlie lost his life at Windsor RSL Speedway on 12.8.1956.
A rare photo of Jack Brabham in the Jennings/ Reed # 30 air cooled twin. Jack is usually seen in his # 28 JAP 880.
Jack ' Pop ' Ferguson in the Madden Special # 12. Jack lost his life as a result of a midget accident at Cumberland Speedway late 1956. He died on 15.9.1957.  
Ken Morton, the # 10 Holden and crew at Cumberland.
Ken Morton and # 10.
The very successful, Johnny Peers in the # 12 V860, ex Reece Discombe NZ35 car. Fay Taylour guest drove this car, Bert Martin drove it and it ended up in the hands of top Queensland youngster Kev Jefferson who lost his life in a midget on 11.5.1963 at the Brisbane Exhibition grounds.
1950s & 60s legend midget pilot, ' Leadfoot ' Lennie Brock in the little twin #4. 
Nev Doherty in # 31 had a successful and long career in Sydney midget racing.
Reg Schmutter in # 11, a regular in Cumberland Oval midget ranks.
Norm Jackson in the twin -Cumberland 1954.
Nick Collier in the # 5 twin. Nick lost his life in a midget at the Sydney Royale on 27.2.1965.
A nice shot of Sid Reed, Sid was very successful in Sydney Speedway. He drove many times for Ron Ward.
Spike Jennings and Sid Reed often shared the drive in the same twin # 30.
American Dick ' Jet ' Brown the forerunner to the 50s and 60s batch of American tourists to Oz.  
The mighty Ray Revell and his famous ex Johnny Balch, ex Perry Grimm Offy. Probably the most successful car/ driver combination in Australian Speedway history.
Thank you Ian for this walk down the Cumberland Speedway (mostly) midget memory lane.
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