This page has been created for the input of photos and material from viewers in America.
Frank "Satan" Brewer in his rail chassis V860 # 99 leads the pack at Culver City Stadium, California in 1947. This track was built on the site of an old dog racing track after WWII and was a high banked paved quarter mile. Photo by Don Mohr. Frank leads Johnny Mantz in Ray Gardiner's Offy # 47, Cal Niday in a V860 # 80 and Johnny Parsons  in # 17.  This photo courtesy of Roy C. Morris' collection in the US.
This is a photo of Australia's Ray Revell coming unstuck in the south turn at Gilmore Stadium in Beverly Hills, California on September 16th 1948. Gilmore was a short quarter mile slightly banked dirt track. Photo by Lee Harvey. The car was a rail chassis blue/ grey in colour, numbered 47 and was a V860. Owner unknown. Thanks to Roy C Morris in the US for this classic photo.

An enlargement of Frank from the photo above. This appears to be the car Frank brought to Australia in 1949, it was numbered 48 in Australia. 
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Mel Anthony, top US midget racer in the 1940s and 1950s relates some funny stories from the era. Click on Mel's name.
"Methanol" Mel Anthony in the Dick Cowan  #4 midget. i
Above:, The Drake Harley Davidson engine in the midget being restored by Dick Denaple from Orange, Ca.
Top Right Photo: Roy Morris admires the Drake engine in the Kurtis type chassis.
Bottom Right Photo:  Dick Denaple on the left , who worked with Dale Drake in the 1950s, with friend Hale Smith. The Kurtis type chassis ( copy ) came from Johnny Pawl .
Take a trip down memory lane with Ray Lyle. US Midgets in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Great photos.
Enjoy some great photos from the career of Mel Anthony, ex professional driver in the States in the 1940s and 50s.
Log on to some more great photos from Mel Anthony's collection.
Les Stark from California has sent some of this photos over for us to enjoy.
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Balboa Stadium, San Diego, U.S.A. ...1941
Ex Champion American driver the late Pike Green sent this photo of his old ride, 
' Li'l Stinker ' the # 96 Offy. before his passing.
Cal Niday standing near a restored midget.
( RIGHT ) This is a BRAND NEW 1940s midget. It was found in the original packing crates and put together recently in the States, it had never turned a wheel.
'A'  Model Ford engined midgets were a bit rare in the States, I'm told.
Here's a great Offy restoration.
# 2 another top restoration.
A big thanks to the American viewers to Just Midgets for sending over these great photos. 
Al Novotnik, one of the organisisers of the annual Loudon, New Hampshire, Vintage  / Classic meeting each year has sent some great pics of restored midgets for us to enjoy on ' JustMidgets '.
Click on Al's name.
Jim and Miriam Freeman were car owners in the 1940's, their son Dennis has sent some of their photos for us to enjoy on  'JustMidgets.' 
Bob Munier drives his restored Kane / Chev II midget at  Shasta Speedway Redding CA.

On the engine cover Bob has written'Squeaky and Grandpa" after his little Grandson they lost at 11 months.
Thanks to George Lynch from Bakersfield Ca. for sending this great shot of midget drivers at Fresno Ca. in 1947.    Frank ' Satan ' Brewer is fourth from left, back row in his famous leather jacket.
Two more great pics from George Lynch. His all time favorite driver,  Bill Vukovitch
On the left, photo is autographed by Bill in 1948 and on the right Bill and car # 4 at Fresno in 1947.
Don Radbruch, ex midget racer, historian and author from the States has been good enough to share his knowledge and memories here with us on ' JustMidgets ' ....Thanks Don. 
A top photo of a great driver - 1941 - Sam Hanks in the # 2 car... Thanks Sue Switzer.
A photo from Brenda Anderson in Ca.
Sleepy Tripp, Johnny Anderson and Mel Kenyon.

A small collection of unidentified photos from Rockford Speedway Illanois.